help with IPO

Hello All,
I am trying to integrate the blender IPO curve format with another application by writing VC++ dll file with the functions that give the “number of interpolators,header, key values for the IPO in blender”

For this I tried to search the entire source code of blender so that I can
get the files that explain me the format in which the IPO types,their properties and IPO curve information is written, but I failed.

I would be grateful if someone can help with getting the code which explains me all about IPO types, curves etc.



Its possible and we have already done it for Lightwave and I want to do it for Blender,

I want the format in which IPO is written, I have gone through the code,
and was able to find,

 struct Ipo

but was not able to get this structure definition and related code.

Any idea???



The 2.41 API docs may have more up-to-date stuff.


Sorry for the delayed reply.

The links you provided gives only the functions used for IPO curves but not the actual structure in which these functions are called and coded,

I want to use that structure and write a VC++ DLL implementing various functions of mine that gives me types of curves, no of possible curves and so on

Any idea???


Have you tried the coding forum over at