Help with laser beam

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I have been using Blender for a while now, and I need to produce a 3D render involving a laser beam. The source I’m using is a spot light with an angle of 1 and halo activated. The source is on the other side of the a modeled heatsinked laser head. The beam shines through it and comes out the other end. My problem is that I want to add a semi-reflective plane that splits the laser beam in two when it exits the laser pointer; with some scatter. But the beam is not reflected and just passes through. How come?

Note : I need this done before September 15.

The “Beam” from a spot light is faked volumetrics and not light in any way, as such it is not effected by reflections or raytracing. The easiest solution would be to fake the beam with a tube-like mesh and a simple glow nodes setup.

You can do that using the Lux renderer. It even has a light preset for various lasers. On their forum, there is an example scene file that show light being refracted by a prism into it’s various components. I think yafaray can do this as well.

Personally, I’d model the beam instead of using a spotlight. Then you can make it do whatever you like.