Help with Latin

Could someone PLEASE! help me by translating the following to Latin, ( Foe’s of the righteous will be condemned ). My Latin is totally crap, I tried online translation but I don’t think it does any justice in accuracy. I plan on using it in a Blender scene. Thanks for any help.

Jaycam, the word “righteous” won’t translate well into Latin languages. This sentence itself ( as is) has no power or impact when directly translated into Spanish or Italian. If it don’t work in Spanish or Italian it won’t work in Latin. It will have to be re-worked.

Go ask your local Latin expert and everyday Latin speaker, your local priest. Go to your local church and ask your local priest after mass.:slight_smile: Today is a good day to ask, it’s Good Friday, in the next hour or so I’m sure the masses are going to start.

I figured as much, because its how we (English) word sentences together. A translation as close as you can get to that would be just as good. I’ll try the local churches, I wouldn’t have a clue who is a Latin expert where I live. I thought the forum would be a good place for what I need, seen as it’s open to world. Thanks anyway.

I’ve learned that the latin word for coldness is Algor

Er, quid est hoc?

Fraternitas hostum condemnandus essent.

I think (very big think) that what I put above translates to something, very roughly, like “The brotherhood’s enemies will be condemned” which can roughly be arranged to “Enemies of the brotherhood will be condemned.”

I couldn’t find a noun for righteous, so I put in brotherhood. On top of that, I’m sure that I probably have the verb conjugation on condemnare wrong. There are probably better translations out there.

Still your better off asking somebody with much more latin experience than I (I have some, and was good at it when I did it, but we mainly concentrated on translation from latin to english.) I haven’t done it in two years or so, so I’m a little rusty on declensions and verb conjugations.

I would think that in the original statement, “righteous” basically means “good”, so it’s saying “enemies of the good will be condemned”.

“Brotherhood” doesn’t work because it could just as easily mean “bad” - as in Mafia or Hell’s Angels.

You could try

opponents of the good will be condemned
enemies of the good will be condemned

You might try “pure” instead of “good”

Some other synonyms for righteous from
angelic, blameless, charitable, commendable, conscientious, creditable, deserving, devoted, devout, dutiful, equitable, ethical, exemplary, fair, faithful, godlike, guiltless, holy, honest, honorable, impartial, innocent, irreproachable, just, laudable, law-abiding, matchless, meritorious, moral, noble, peerless, philanthropic, philanthropical, praiseworthy, punctilious, pure, reverent, right-minded, saintly, scrupulous, sinless, spiritual, sterling, trustworthy, upright, virtuous, worthy

Thanks for the replies. @AndyD I like what you came up with, it should make translation easier. The scene I’m doing at the moment is inspired by Silent Hill, the Pre-Descension to hell part of Silent Hill.