Help with learning about the game engine

I am exteremely new to blender, I just got it 6 days ago and have been lightly exploring it. However, I will get nowhere if I can’t get some good tutorials. Also, think I am ready to explore the game enigine further and am looking to someone for a good step by step tutorial for making a light, simple fps as a first project.

I would say try to be like the most people here - use search and learn from tutorials. If you still fail after like 6-12 months, then you might consider hiring a tutor option again :smiley:

I’d add that you really need to have basic Blender skills, including modeling, animating, and texturing. I’m not saying human/character/anything specific modeling, but you need to know how to make simple things.

The basic skills that I’d say are 100% necessary:
In general:
Navigating in 3d space (middle mouse button, shift and ctrl)
Selecting objects (right-click, shift-right-click, B)
Moving, scaling, and rotating objects (g, s, and r keys)
Constraining things to 1 axis (Middle-mouse button while moving/scaling/rotating)

In modeling,
Creating the default objects (Space key… creates Cube, Sphere, etc.)
Extrusion (e key in editmode) and subdivision (w)
Editmode/modifying vertices (creating faces (f key with verts selected), scaling 2 vertices to 0 and removing doubles and other functions with the W key, etc.)

In Texturing:
Basic UV texturing

In animating:
How to add keyframes (I key), advance frame position (left and right keys)
Editing IPO curves
Using armatures to rig meshes
Editing armature actions

Once you have those skills down, THEN you can start working on games. The reason that these skills are necessary? You need to be able to design a world for your character to run around in, even if that world is just a plane extruded a bunch. You don’t need to be an amazing artist, but you do need basic skills.

I’ve given basic hotkeys in this post, and you can try and just mess around on your own. However, you might find that you don’t completely understand everything… and if that’s the case, there are THOUSANDS of tutorials online. You can even search google “blender extrusion tutorial”.

From there, there’s also a big list of tutorials in the Resources forum, take a look at these:

And if you have the basics down, an FPS template is here:

Though I’d strongly advise against starting with an FPS.

Good luck!


Well I just want one good FPS step by step tutorial that will teach me the basics and intermediates of blender, while helping me make my first project.

Thanks, I tried a video tutorial on making a basic cube man run around on a plate, and I DO have some of those basic skills…about 65%, but the project turned out pretty well, the game motor seems easy enough, but for some reason the plate just fell when i played test and I couldnt get out of test play mode, and have to quit the program.

My favorite tutorial site is

They cover lots of different subjects, and there are even free game templates to download there.

Best of luck to you! :wink: