Help with learning

I am trying to look into animation, but it’s just hard because I have little help. I want to learn more about animation, but I have personal problems associated with OCD (such as looking up things online I have no need to look up) and constantly worry about the future. Is there someone I can talk to? Are mentorships possible? I would like some advice.

As for “someone to talk to,” find anyone close to you whom you trust. If you think that you have some learning disability, you can work through that, too. Don’t “keep it bottled up inside you.” Talk.

I’d suggest that you start looking online for existing animations, get the blend-files and start de-constructing them. How did they assemble those animations? (e.g. “NLA,” “Actions”) How did they make the objects look as they do? (e.g. “Textures,” “Materials,” “UV mapping.”) I find it much easier to understand “how something works” by getting my hands on “something that already works.” Save a pristine copy that you can always revert back to.

There are a lot of free videos out there which are accompanied by one or more .blend files, showing both the finished work and several strategic points along the way. Here you can watch the explanations in the video while you “poke around under the hood” yourself.

And, finally – this really is a complicated endeavor and so it will be frustrating. You need to prepare yourself, to expect that frustration, and to realize that it happens to everyone. “The computer sometimes makes fools of us all. Often when we least expect it.”


Where do I find existing Blender animations?

Every year the blender foundation makes an “open movie”. Those are animations where all the assets and project files are made available on their blender cloud service under a creative commons license. They also have a lot of training videos and CC0 textures you can use, so it is worth checking out.

I looked at the page, but it says that I have to pay in Euros. I’m not Western European; I’m an American. I don’t know how to pay that way.

I haven’t used their service before, but I’m 100 percent sure you can pay with us dollars. Currency conversion is handled by most payment processors, so there should be no issue.

The site shows the amount in dollars for me:

Edit: I was curious, so I also checked out the payment options: