Help with libraries!!!

I can´t put an object from one scene into another. I try to use the append but it don´t result. What do i need to do that.
Thankyou and sorry but i’m new in blender. :expressionless:
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ok first take a deep breath, now

1 - press Shift + F1
2 - a file browser window will open
3 - browse to where your needed file is saved
4 - select the file you want, you will see a list appear (Camera, Image IPO etc)
5 - now click on whichever item in the list you need (ie, Objects, Materials etc.)
6 - browse through the items inside and then select the one you need (Right mouse click to select)
7 - press Middle mouse button to load it into your current blend file.

Hi, welcome to Blender and elYsiun.

To append:-

Open the file you want to import an object into.
Shift+F1 to open the append loader.
Left click the Blend file you want to import from.
This will open a directory list of all the things in the Blend file.
Left click on Object folder.
Right click to select the object you want to import.
Right click multiple objects if you wish, they will turn blue in default colour theme.
Then left click Load button at the top of the same window.
If the object you’re importing is on a different layer to the one you are viewing, you’ll have to turn on that layer’s visibility too.
Use the same method for appending materials, but go to the materials directory instead. Etc for other appends.

Hope this helps,


Check all your layers, the objects might just be on another layer.

Select object in object mode and use Ctrl-L to get the Links menu. Choose scene. To unlink it in the new scene make a Shft-D copy and delete the original.


for some reason appending can be difficult before you get the hang of it,…someone has an instructive blend(s) up on the topic. i will try to track it down for you.