help with light effect

can some body tell me how to do this light effect on the blue part of the egg plz =D thnks:)

That is simply a reflection of the enviroment the egg is sitting in. Notice it inside the shell and on the goo as well.

Imagine a window in the room that is out of camera view.

This can often be “faked” with image maps applied to the environment.

Nice image!

image maps? how you fake them???

I believe that it’s called a HDR map, i could be wrong though…
Try googling “Blender HDR map tutorial” or “Blender image map tutorial”.
Or if you’re too lazy, then:
Assuming that you know how to UV map:
Max the specularity of the bluish thingy that you obviously have to model first, then apply an image with a window on it. Should get you something near to this.
Anyway, I reccommend Google.

Thank u i’ll do that =)

No, any old image will do.
Just take a picture of your window.
Then assign it as an image map to the global environment.