Help with light halo through object!

Hello! I am new to elysiun and fairly new to Blender as well. I am currently trying to create a production logo and for part of the logo, I am trying to have a light shine through an object with words cut out of it, giving it the look that the light is shining through it. The light is emitting a halo and I can see the light, but the light is bleeding on to the other side of the object.

Please look at my blend file and see if you can help.
Thank you so much!

I just saw this thread a few minutes ago. (I’m still new here, too, and have no idea how to achieve this effect.)

I think there’s some good stuff in there.



I got it to work! I don’t know why the light was shining through solid walls, but it magnificentally stopped, maybe because of how I changed the light (probobly not). I went into lamp settings and with halo enabled, raised the halo step inside shadow and spot pane. It now looks great!