Help with lighting

Hmm. I’m trying to add lighting to a menu/room that I’m working on, and the lights are either lighting everything in the room up, or nothing at all. What I would like is just little illuminated spots on the walls, from some little red lights that are gonna be on the wall. Other than that and some ambient blue light from a screen, the room is gonna be dark. Does anybody have any tips or example scenes I could pick apart and study? Thanks.

You should post a pic of the issue you having…it will make things easier…

Is this for a render, or for a game?

I am trying to light up just the area inside the ring for the spotlight. Also, this is for a game. Basically, I am trying to make it look like really dim red emergency lights inside a small dark room, that put a red glow right around them, but not in the whole room.


I think the problem is that your normals are facing out, and they need to be facing inward. try shift ctrl N ( recalculate normals inside ) and see if it doesn’t behave more predictably.

The normals should be facing inward. The first pic is in solid mode, the second is in textured. Even when I’m trying to do it on the outside of something, like the default cube, it doesn’t want to work. Is this a function of the GLSL stuff that Blender uses? My computer doesn’t support GLSL or shaders of any sort. It is a piece of crap computer.

Also, when I try to use a normal lamp, and set the sphere button in the Shading/Lamp buttons/Lamp tab, it does nothing to the light. As I understand it, anything outside the circle that is around the light should not be lit up when you use this button.

ah, I think I see the problem. You are using a spot lamp with the clip end set well beyond the wall. I’m not sure how spots work in the game engine, but try setting the clip end on your spot lamp so that it’s going just past the wall.

I think it is just the computer. I actually do not get any shadows when I use lights in the game engine. I’m gonna upgrade my computer soon, hopefully. That will hopefully fix it.