Help with lighting?

In the game engine I am using blender 2.5 and for some reason the none of the lights work when I have on GLSL shading but they work fine when I switch the shading back to multitexture. The light is only shown when I play the game but not when I am in textured mode everything appears black.

And a second problem with lighting for the GLSL lighting that works in the game engine is that when I have lighting only one light gives off light if I add another it doesn’t give off any light only the first one. When I delete the first one the second one gives off light. Same as last problem the light is only given off when I play the game but does not work when I am in textured mode.

It’s possible that your computer doesn’t support GLSL. How old is it, and what graphics card are you running?

Well I was using it for about a week in the past so it does work although I do have a REALLY crappy laptop. But it was running it for a while so I don’t see why it would just give.