Help with lip textures.

Pretty self explanatory. I am modeling a close-up of a woman’s face and I am having the worst time trying to get the lips to look right. Anyone know any tricks?
I have searched EVERYWHERE for some help on this and people seem to skip over it.

Make the top lip slightly darker than the bottom lip, and on the bottom lip make a subtle fake highlight in the middle region.

Thanks. Anything helps. LOL. That actually looks quite nice.

If you don’t already have this go get it.
Just go the the bottom of the page and download the file and unpack the textures.
There is a color map texture in there. Zoom in real colose and see how it’s done.
Hope that helps

Lips can be very bumpy with like ridges and stuff as in the ref pic in JDA’s link, or if you look at chapped lips they even blister and peel and stuff. Or they can have lipstick on which fills in a lot of those gaps and creases and evens out the color. So, the first question is, does she have lipstick on? But yes, a good streaked texture applied will make it look much better, and maybe some subdivs with displacement.

Thanks. You guys rock. I could kiss you! LOL. I’ll post a WIP soon as she gets some hair. She looks like a cancer patient right now.

What age? Usually the top lip over shadows the bottom lip, so the texture is darker where they meet on the bottom lip.

There is usually light on the top edge of the lip, because it projects further on the face than the bottom one.

There is always a darker shadow under the bottom lips edge.

Custom tells us the prettiest lips for a woman are with the top lip a tad narrower (top to bottom) than the bottom lip.

Because the lips are arched just like eyes are round, they have similar shadow and highlights.

the light will ‘glance’ aross both the top and the bottom lips where they protude the most. Of course that depends on the the light source.

Draw a fake line from the light source to the lips, where does it hit?

Look at your lips in a mirror, look at your friends lips, better yet get some pictures. Watch tv and look at the lips.

I think the best thing to do is to look at a lot of close-up pictures for lips. Notice the lines, shadows, highlights etc. Look closely at them for the details.

Interestingly, the one on the bottom right, the game character shows her mouth open, and her buttom lip is highlighted more than the top lip which is very dark.

So she must be pouting or she has an underbite. Download the picturs you find and load them in a graphics program so you can zoom in close to look.