Help with loop subdivides and cuts.

My dad asked me to make him something for him on a 3d program. I got blender, made some practice models through the weeks, and just began on his project.

Most of my practice models were made using basic meshes, but after watching this video, I decided to use a square control cage. I got it to look exactly how I wanted. Here it is in its most recent state.

This is what it is supposed to look like

I tried using subdivision sculpting like the guy in the video who used it to make the glowing grooves of the ship, but I can’t because it completely distorts my vertices. How can I do this, or can I even do this?

All feedback is appreciated. I might ask some more questions in this thread later as well.

if you need the curvature like shown in the 3th picture you need to model it exactly. Or highres texture… better to model that exactly.

Thanks Piet, I’ll try it again :slight_smile:

Hi, Since you are just starting out you should know that if you can’t find the answer on the wiki manual or by searching the forum and have to ask in a thread you should help yourself by posting as much information as possible, not give it out on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, because you’re not up to speed on what is needed yet.

Point: there’s no way without knowing what this object is anyone could use that tiny image to model anything. You obviously know, but to help you we need to know too. Picture references are useful when you have two or three views. Top and front views essential for this object at least.
Also, don’t be secretive about what the object is. Gas pump handle? Spaceship? I happen to know that this is part of the suspension for a high performance race car, but not everyone will. See what I mean?

Point: when you provide a link to a video tutorial you are essentially asking people to sit through a one or two hour video to help you with your project. Or be familiar with the video. You’ll find both kinds of people here, but to get the most help you should boil down your question so that someone on the boards does not have to spend a lot of time actually figuring out what you are trying to do. that way they can spend more time coming up with a solution, right?

Point: If you don’t use the right terms, people get confused. Subdivision sculpting doesn’t mean anything, so people could interpret it in a few different ways. Likewise with square control cage. Both of these terms could refer to somewhat advanced modeling practices, unnecessary for what you are trying to do…

So as not to be entirely unhelpful here’s a couple of methods you might not come across right away.

And another tip:

Haha sorry for the mistakes and confusing terms in my post, this was my third time writing this post as my computer crashed the first time, then my power went out, so I just rushed through it.

I’m also sorry but I can’t divulge what it exactly is as it’s my dad’s invention :slight_smile:

And those images are BEYOND helpful thank you SO much! :smiley: