Help with maintaining lighting through .IVE conversion


I am using Blender to add color and shading to an imported .STL model of a box, exporting the model as a .DAE and then converting that file to .IVE using osgvonc from the openSceneGraph program.

I am able to get a good looking box in blender but when I export it and open it as an .IVE, it displays as a single, solid color instead of showing the contours and shading that make it look like a real box. Can anyone provide me some insight as to why this information is lost and help me figure out how to create a shaded model?

attached are the Blender file, and a screenshot of the .IVE file in osgviwer. They both seem to show correct shading, so what am I missing?

AttaboxOpenFalse.blend (888 KB)

Thank you for your time.

what is .ive

.ive is one of OpenSceneGraph’s internal format. It is used by the scene graph library as the model to render.