help with making/baking a low poly model

Hi, I been trying to do a mid/low poly version of a a model I did, but the results are terrible, I m quite new so most probably is something I m missing or I m taking the wrong steps somewhere.

I did a re topology and made a boxy version of the glasses, with 1500 faces, and then tried to bake the normal’s from the high poly one, but when I do the results are terrible, kind of the pixel show, it looks jagged, I get a lot of green in the normal map, and when applied it looks just weird.

how can I improve the resolution of the normal map?

To make it, for a game, since it will be quite small, how can I make it so its a plane with transparency and normal maps?
probably need to improve the UV of the model a bit would that help with my problem?


butterfly glasses arm V2.blend (1.66 MB)

Object scales are off. Select all, ctrl+A -> scale to apply. Some of the objects are darker than others and that’s because of inverted normals. Edit mode, select all, ctrl+N to make normals consistent and pointing outside. Normal mapping won’t affect the geometry, the silhouette will be what the geometry makes it.

The more pixels UV islands cover on the texture the better. More pixels, more information, better result.

Could also try baking normals in Cycles render instead. It has cage option for baking which you can use to define baking directions with close geometry instead of just using distance. Basically the cage could be duplicate of the low poly model that is bloated to cover everything (alt+S in edit mode).

thanks will try out some of those solutions

and about creating a single plane with transparency for turning this onto a game friendly model? any tips

ok, made the normal consistent, that helped, but still I was getting tons of artifacts, I think it may be because of how the mesh is done, so I tried baking one side of the glass arm into a plane using camera view, and then baked the full render in solid color into the same plane to make a mask out of it for transparency, this worked after I tweaked stuff a bit.
was a bit cumbersome but managed to get it to work, and also kind of hinted me what the problems may have been with my model, maybe was the holes and the sharp angle with the geometry, as you noted using cycles with a cage may solve it have yet to try, but think I will better re do the model while using what I learned to avoid the problems with the mesh, maybe fill the holes and later on make them transparent may help.