help! with making something glow for noob


I’d like to make the indigo tip and center of attached boomerang glow. I’ve tried messing around with it as much as I could before going online and looking for tuts. Most of them were from older versions of Blender and showed how to make something glow in blender render by having a black background and cranking up the emission for the material. Not very impressive. I did find one that showed how to make a cool glowing laser beam in cycles render but it was a straight object. Not going to work form me I’m afraid. I did see some tuts for making things glow using something called a compositor that I didn’t find a lot of tuts on, and when I did they were complex; like building an entire car with glowing headlights. Way above my head. Any help would be much appreciated.



give the material an emission value in materials settings, then, in world buttons, check ‘indirect lighting’, and just beneath that in the ‘gather’ panel, check ‘approximate’.

The glow effect you are probably looking for is a post-processing effect. It is normally done in the compositor using the Glare node.

Thanks. This compositor you speak of makes me curious. Do you know any good tuts? I’ve looked and have not found much on how to apply it to something like this

much appresh.

For other nubs out there, I finally found a more up to date tut, although it’s not 2.71. But OMG! I spend an 2 hours digging for the fact that you have to click on “use nodes” button! Aaaahhhhh!!!

Technically that tutorial is older than several of the ones I gave you. The Use Nodes thing has always been the case. But I’m glad you’ve got it figured out.