Help with Marking seams on this mesh

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I am trying to figure out a way to mark seams on this curly object. The ctrl click does not follow the edge it will only select one segment at time. This would take about 2 hrs to marc these seams. or even more.

The Select menu is your friend. Tools that can help you:

  • Select Sharp Edges
  • Select Linked -> Linked Flat Faces followed by Select Loops -> Select Boundary Loop

Selecting edge rings, then converting them to faces by ctrl+clicking the Face mode, then doing the “Select Boundary Loop” from above, also can work.

In side view and X-Ray/Wireframe modes, box selecting top or bottom vertices, followed by that same operation again, would also work.

Looking at that mesh, probably UV -> Smart UV Project, followed by some UV stitching and UV -> Seams from Islands, would save you the need to manually mark seams at all.

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Ok this is good stuff Thank you. !

notes :

Select face, Select similar (Shift+G ) > Co-planar or Normal and adjust threshold.

“Wow I wish I’d come back to check earlier. This is the ticket! Though I had to click around to find out how it works. Select a face, then at the top press the Select > Select Linked > Linked Flat Faces. Then at the bottom a little black popup appears with a dropdown arrow – click it and you have an angle you can adjust by clicking and dragging, or entering a value manually.”

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