HELP with materials of cartoon.I'ma make a cartoon girl

This picture is the result of render,but I wanna make it better.
Could you give me any idea?

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Welcome to BA :slight_smile:

Honestly I think this is a really good start. The eyes especially, and the lines around them, look excellent. You have a good eye and you clearly know what you’re trying to do, I’d say you should do this again and again a few times as practice to hone your skills :slight_smile:

One specific thing that stands out is the hair. It’s too detailed for the style of the face. If you’re trying to do anime-esque hair, you should focus more on outline and overall form and less on details and strands. You’d also do well with a hair highlight:

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Thank you ahhhhhhhhh

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Watch this just in case if you havent. Very detailed breakdown of cell shading
Some key points are:
They used relatively high-poly models with most details and curves carefully hand-crafted, in order to make cell shading work well;
Even with the best models, faces may still look horrible with cell shading. To fix such situations, custom normal editing was used. In particular, projecting normals to the face from some simplified mesh shape, like an egg. In Blender, you can do it using Data Transfer modifier;
Details painted on textures were usually avoided. Polygons were mapped on a simple palette texture with flat colors. All separation between colors happens along polygon edges. If they needed the line on a character, they unwrapped the polys themselves to align with said line, instead of painting it diagonally, in order to avoid pixelisation;
Custom lighting shaders were used instead of built in lighting system. Every character has its own dummy object to control the light direction, and then said dummy is keyframed depending on situation. Not sure how to do it in Blender since I do not understand what nodes to use in Shader editor to get the direction relative to object.

Your test already looks good though


Thank you bro :)