Help with mesh errors in camera view...


I’m fairly decent at Blender but new to the forum, and I wonder if anyone could help? I’ve been making an animation - it’s a Dalek from Doctor Who - and I am getting what appear to be strange mesh errors when I model and render it. However, they only show up in the camera view.

Camera is at a big distance of around 1300 BU, and Lens is set at 80. The attached image shows the problem - on the left is a close-up of a series of cylindrical meshes in 3D view. On the right are the same meshes in camera view, zoomed right in for clarity. The camera version appears to have mesh errors (or something else?) which do not appear in close-up.

Normals are all pointing the correct way, and none of the meshes physically overlap in any way. No duplicate vertices either. The object is set to Autosmooth, but I get similar results when Set Solid. The final render looks terrible, with flashing black areas in the animation.

I hope this makes sense and I would be grateful if anybody could shed some light!



Could you post your blend file? Or maybe a sample file of your problem?

I’ll see if I can…

I’ve abstracted the pertinent parts of the scene:

3D view is on the left, zoomed camera on the right.

Thanks for your help - I’ve probably done something very simple and silly.



DalekErrors.blend (617 KB)

Anyone able to help with this at all? If I am doing something stupid, do tell me.



I added another camera to the scene and pointed it at the tubes. They look normal now and the render is great! Perhaps there is a problem with your constraints…

It is very strange, isn’t it? Seems to only cause problems at extreme distance…

Thanks for looking anyway, mate. Think I need to play around a bit more or give up!

Dude don’t give up. I think the best place to start is, as I said, in your constraints. From what I gather, that is where your problem is.

Your project sounds pretty cool!