Help with mesh processing

I’m doing a new particle meshing Add-on, the steps will be:
1-(after some calculations) output data consists of(point list,polygon list)
2-some points may overlap so i need to do (remove doubles)
3-these lists will be variable in size every frame, so i need to save the mesh data every frame

tell me more how to do such things as for now I’m focusing mainly on the meshing algorithm and can’t focus on this kind of (side) things

thanks in advance,
Mohamed Sakr.

output data - what do you have in mind? creating new mesh objects?

@CoDEmanX: I’m taking particles data from blender …pass them from python to C++ …pass them from C++ to OpenCL …write mesh data …Pass mesh data (point list and polygon list) to python so I change the mesh data directly if possible (to be faster)

@Atom: thanks,I will check it once I finish the OpenCL part (pretty hard to do parallel meshing :D)

py > C++ > OpenCL > py?

well, py > C++ is not a good idea, why make things slow if you don’t have to? You could get the particle data directly, similar to a modifier.

well they are almost directly !! …I only pass the first pointer of particles and get rest data from C++,while python is better for interface

explain more about what you mean with “You could get particle data directly”

the data is internally handled with C/C++, an made available to python. So why would you use python to get the data? Modifiers are written in C and access the data “directly”.

i see what you mean :slight_smile:
but what i did is “easier” approach with same speed (only very little overhead for a single call from python)