help with mesh, vertices, and scripts

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I have three questions:

:x how can you control an objects individual vertices through scripting

:x does anybody have any scripts that do very basic mesh editing (and possibly animation)

:x is it possible to create through scripts any of the meshes that you can get through the GUI (plane, UVsphere, cube, etc.)

Thanks in advance!


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You get three answers:

:smiley: Read especially the box labled “Basic Knowledge: Face Definition”

:smiley: Again, read or

:smiley: You mean in a higher level version such as mesh = getUVSphere()? That’s not possible, you have to create your Mesh manually (mathematics! :wink: ) or create the mesh you want outside of python and access it via NMesh.GetRaw(‘meshname’). Again, see the above link.


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