Help with metaballs

I’m trying to use metaballs to animate a drip effect, but am having some issues:

I start with a conglomeration of about 5 balls from which I want to animate 2 or 3 drops falling. But when I animate the falling metaball, after a certain distance it disappears, along with the rest of the metaball group.

Does anyone know how to manage this problem?

So you decided not to supply a blend file to make it more difficult for others to check it out.

Sorry Richard, I just thought it might be something obvious since I’m new to metaballs, and It’s always a bit tricky since I’m using linked assets.

Here goes:

So in this example the metaballs disappear at frame 36.

And regarding the scale, I tried scaling the balls down in edit mode and they disappear before I get them to the right size, likewise if I apply scale in object mode they disappear.

Looking forward to any ideas. Thanks for reading.

MetaballTest.blend (1.28 MB)

So metaballs interact with each other, the dimensions of your metaballs are ~2mm so at ~8cm distance they will cease to exist.
So my advise is to scale them up at least 1cm.

Thanks @ramboblender. The problem is that they have to fit into the scale of my scene, where everything else is real-world scale.

I might try pushing them another mm or two to see if that gets me enough distance. But I take it there’s no way to control the distance they can cover?

Edit: I’ve increased the size somewhat, and still believable enough for my scene—works OK now. Cheers. Still might be good if the range was somehow controllable… But calling it solved for now.

Apply scale to deltas for the metaball object. CTRL + A > Apply scale to deltas.

Try with one metaball-drop, animate it falling once and use graph editor to make it cyclic. Set the number of cycles to match the number of drops. Before you do, make sure you set the necessary number of frames either.