Help With Minecraft Intro Logo?

I’ve been working on creating an opening sequence for some Minecraft Let’s Plays I’ll be putting on YouTube, and I had an idea to do it in Blender. My setup is a little box with a camera and a light overhead. I have 3 rows of blocks textured like Minecraft blocks. My logo that I created as a PNG in Photoshop is there, textured to a plane. I plan to keyframe it behind the blocks, then have it push the blocks out of the way.

But as you can see, the logo doesn’t look very clean. It loops over the edge, because it’s not 100% aligned, so any tips about that would be great. Also why is it rendering transparency as black? How do I solve this. If you could give me some tips to help me finish up this project that would be great!

Having image with transparency is not enough to see it in cycles render. You have to have material mix where one component is Transparency node. Image with transparent border needs to have at least 1 pixel transparency around the perimeter. If you have color on the edge it’ll ‘bleed’ through.

Could you show an example of what the node set-up would have to look like?

Also, in your opinion, is using Blender for something like this (an opening logo), going overboard? Should I stick to a video editing software to create an opening logo, something like After Effects or Premiere? Obviously not the same level of realism, but far quicker to create.

Something like this will do probably - if you import images as planes (addon) while in Cycles , blender assigns default diffuse material and gives uvs to imported plane. transparent parts are left for you to take care of.

I have no clue what these do - i simply do not have access to them. Blender can pull something out, probably.