Help with mirror weight painting.

Hello there, newbie Headwax here … sorry if this question has been asked before.

I’m rigging a character I made in another program, have succeeded in making the skeleton using the extrude bones mirror command.
I’ve turned on “x-mirror” weigth painting. and have seeminly named myu bones correctly, but could not get the mirror weight painting to work correctly. What would be the most liklely thing I did wrong.?- sorry on the lack of information on my part.
Giving up on the mirror weight painting I painted both sides of the figure individually and set up the IK and the Ik ‘locks’, but now when I move one arm (left) there are many verticies on the other (right) arm that move as well :eyebrowlift2:…
If I select the bones in the Left arm that I am moving they don’t seem to have any verticies in the right arm attached…

I have repainted the verticies in the right arm several times but has made no difference.

any clues appreciated!!


Having the wrong names for the bones/vertex groups is the first thing i would think of. Blender is case-sensetive, so just make sure everything is exactly the same exept the ‘R’ and ‘L’ exndings. The only other thing I could think of is if your model isn’t aligned correctly to mirror on the X-axis, but if you created your skeleton with x-axis mirroring, I don’t think that would be a problem.

The mirrored weight painting only works on verticies within the corresponding vertex groups. So maybe you are painting verticies that arent in the vert group? Then the painting wouldn’t mirror. Did you create your vert groups from envelopes?

Hya Asano

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

I’m pretty sure I named the bones correctly . (the rig is on my home computer but I will check it again asap!) I made the ones on my right the (eg) shoulder.L and the ones on my left the shoulder.R - so they would correspond to the character’s actuall right and left shoulders.

I did make the ‘r’ and the ‘l’ upper case letters though. Is that okay?

As far as envelopes: I turned them off as the tutorial advised, but turned them on at one time to see if I could solve the problem! (tutorial is this one

Perhaps the object I am rigging is not perfectly symetrical as i didn’t make the mesh in mirror mode. Would that make a difference.?

A question: I have used truepsace and carrara and they both have a system where you rig the character, add the armature/skelton and then have an educated guess at joining verticies to the correct bones (you fine tune it yoursef but don;t have to weight paint from scratch).

Does blender have a system like this??

thanks again for advice1

regards headwax

Thanks Asano
I’ll check those things. I made the bones so the charcater’s left limb (ie the one on my right side) has eg shoulder.L
and his right side had shoulder.R. Is this okay to mix the cases? If only one name is out then does it wreck the whole?
Possibly my mesh is assymetrical. Would that make a difference?.
Vertex groups? Sorry I’m not sure. Is it necessary for me to select a gruop and then name it? Sorry for that stupid question. I saw somewhere that you can name a vertex group after the bone and this will associate the verticies with this bone
I had envelopes turned off. as per this tutorial.

In truepscae and carrara when you attach an armature/skeleton to a mesh then the program selects the verticies to be attached to the bones automatically - depending on distance from bone.

Is it possible to do this in blender.

thanks for your answers !!

cheers headwax

The case doesn’t matter as long as it is identical to the case of the corresponding bone.

You can create vertex groups (associated with bones) from envelopes. That is the equivilent of what you mentioned - putting the verticies close to the bone in the corresponding vertex group.

You can manually select a group of verticies to assign them to a vertex group if you like. Experiment with this to see if it is the problem. Assign a group of verticies to a ‘L’ bone and then the respective verticies on the other side to the ‘R’ bone, then try mirrored weight painting with these bones.

Thanks very much Asano for your help.

I will give that a go!

Fingers crossed!


The new blender version also has an option to use “bone heat” for weighting…which pretty much does what Carrara(doesnt it sound like a car’s name) is doing :stuck_out_tongue:
follow the link below to see the documentation