Help with mirroring bones

okay, so you know how you can make one side of a rig and then mirror it for the other side on a symmetrical model? Well, is it possible to get it exactly the opposite position of the right side? (assuming the right side was the side rigged first) instead of using ctrl+m and dragging it and guessing where it has to go?

Am I making sense?

Position the cursor in the center of the rig. Set the pivot point to be the cursor. In edit mode - duplicate the right side bones, while they are still selected from the duplication, s-key (to scale), x-key (to constrain on the x-axis) and -1. Then from the armature menu, choose -> flip names to flip the suffix from .r to .l or whatever you have them named.


Alright cool! :slight_smile: Thanks, this helps out a LOT. :smiley: