Help with mo-cap

hey guys, was wondering if anyone fancied helping out with a bit of motion capture for me, ive tried getting my kinect set up for it but for the life of me i cant get it to work.

im looking for someone who can do it to make a capture of a few seconds walking into a area, or standing for a while, then summoning a fireball and casting it and then send me the file.

if anyone is willing to do this for me then that would be much appreciated:yes:

You need someone with a camera ? how good does the quality need to be ? Do you need a good looking actor?What is kenect? Do I understand the question?
That might be risky you could do what you want with the clip.

google brekel kinect, risky because i could do what i want with the clip? im not sure but it captures specific points, and it looks like a rig nothing to do with what the person looks like

I should try more to read the questions more better, sorry. I thought you needed the movie clip. This looks like really cool software.