Help with moddeling an aircraft.

Hi all, this is my first post ever on
Ok so heres the deal, i found a blueprint for a Grumman F4F.
On the blueprint, there are these cross section images, labeled 1,2,3,4 etc., they correspond to different points along the fuselage, attatched is an image showing these cross sections.
anyways, i got these cross sections, and made them with circle meshes, then i mioved them into position and placed edges along all of the outermost vertices , then i mirrored the whole thing along the x axis, now my dilema is, how do i make it solid?
at the momend it is just a bunch of thin lines but i need it to be solid like a real aircraft, can anyone suggest anything?
thx in advance guys, (Btw i will be away for the next few days so if i dont respond for a while, don’t worry, i will reply after i get back.)



Welcome to the forums!

You could try using f. Select verts in 2 of the cross sections, and press f, then select skin face edge loops. However, each cross section will nee the same number of verts for this to work the way you most likely want it to work.

Another option would be skinning - see the article below. This methods uses surface curves to define the cross section. It can be converted to a mesh once the shape is completed.

Best of Luck!