Help with model flipping (Solved)

Hello everyone. Long time lurker but new member. I am desperately seeking help on an AI issue.

Version of blender: 2.49b


I’m trying to get a model to follow the player model using the sensors,controllers and actuators. I found a few great tutorials online showing how to do it without using python which is good for me because I don’t know it. However, After setting it up when I hit play my model flips on it’s side as well doesn’t follow from what I would like to be the “front” of the vehicle. Now, it does follow in every direction as I drive around it as I need but no matter what setup I do it always flips on it’s side at the start of the game and follows as if it were going backwards. I’ve tried rotating the model 180’ but it switched to backwards facing really quick and keeps going.

If someone could help explain to me what I need to do to get the object to stay upright in game mode I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

(Was going to add the file but wouldn’t upload)

Ok so after more reading I stumbled on why it’s doing this. When I hit alt+r it clears rotation which leaves me with the vehicle on it’s side but when I try to rotate it to how it should be it still ends up on it’s side in the game. Am I missing some simple step which would let me assign a default rotation/orientation how I may need it to be in the game?

It is a classical Mistake that can happen even if you’re used to Blender. :wink:

You must rotate your whole Mesh in Edit Mode. When its Object Rotation is (0,0,0), then the Mesh must be in its »usual« Orientation (for Example, if it is a Human or something like that, it must be standing), facing the Y-Axis.

Worked like a charm, I appreciate the help. :slight_smile: