Help with modeling a Loop-A-Loop W/ Bezier Curve

So, for a while I’ve been trying to model a loop-A-loop with an bezier curve, my current issue is that while I can get the starting curve aligned perfectly, my issue starts at around the middle or after the middle, because i want the end of the curve to be evened out and not tilted.

So, where am I going wrong with this?


t key for tilt ( or ‘twist’ )

I did it using your method(1) and another “better” method(2) using lattice, bevel and bend modifiers. Check it out .blend . Objects are set in different layers.


I find it easier to use mesh Circle for this. Unfortunately curve Circle does loose segment and does some rotation of endpoint handles if Toggle Cyclic is used. On top of that i am not able to control where this cyclic break will happen but this might be just me having not read some hidden treasure of documentation. At least it does not happen on selected curve point here, never.

On the mesh circle i can select vertex and V rip mesh apart in a controlled manner. Next, after pressing V key i use Linear proportional edit, Connected mode and Grab still selected vertex Z, gradually scrolling mouse wheel to increase influence till the last circle vertex starts to move. Scroll one tick back.
This can be used to create spirals or loop as in your case.
Select all vertices, duplicate them, move a bit Z and W- Bridge both loops. Extrude ends opposite directions.

Edit: To Tilt, keys are Ctrl-T on selected curve points, not T.

thanks eppo…was thinking of older versions

Note: it’s actually shift T :slight_smile:

Add-ons > Add curve >Enable extra objects > in add menu go to curve > Spirals nd then use F6 to make the most precise and complicated spirals you could want…

Shift-T does show Texture space (dotted cube) here; all default keys, no modifications.
Whichever… You’ll see when curve points will start to rotate.

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arg, my bad. sorry about that.

Use Shape > Twisting > Z-Up.

Has anyone noticed that OP hasn’t even responded to any of our replies for a long time now?