Help with modeling a neighborhood in Blender for a Unity game

Hello all!

I’m new here and new to Blender as well.
Some time ago I started modeling the neighborhood I grew up in and importing it into Unity. I’ve made the houses and some props and then started on modeling the actual ground… and that’s where I’m stuck now.
This is the top view of the area, for reference the houses are roughly 20x20 meters.

I’ve tried making a large plane and texturing it, problem is I’m guessing that even 16k size textures won’t make the cut without being too low resolution, and I’ve tried cutting out the roads and other parts in detail - but with the same result of low resolution textures. I’ve tried making the terrain inside Unity, but the brushes are too “wonky” and won’t let me add details with enough precision. I watched all tutorials I can find on this type of subject - but nothing seems to be working for me. It’s either for city terrain that’s going to be viewed from a long distance (low resolution) or for small parts (like a single street only). I’m starting to loose my patience with this and I really want to finish it so I’m wondering if you have any ideas? Since this area is kinda large and there’s a lot of other things in this area as well (houses, props etc) the terrain needs to be as low cost as possible performance-wise.

Hope you can help and thank you! :slight_smile:

You could do your landscapes in 4k chunks, painting each individual part to taste, but I imagine that would be a tremendous amount of work, and would eat through your RAM like a kid chowing down on candy during Halloween.

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Yes probably.

My current plan (my 4th or 5th plan to date) is to divide it up in square chunks, making loop cuts in these chunks where the terrain changes (where asphalt meats grass for example) and UV mapping them to a 8k texture that has all the textures I need (asphalt, grass, dirt etc). I’m just a little hesitant to starting from scratch yet again, that’s why I’m wondering if someone has a better idea. Or maybe this plan would work?

What you could do is get the heightmap data of your neighborhood, import it into Unity, and roll from there. This is for UE4, but the same methods work roughly the same in Unity.

Also, all your information doesn’t need to be on one texture map, and you can get away with using generic textures as a foundation. Like you could have your base pavement texture, and add decals to simulate cracks, trash on the road, and whatnot. Look up some tutorials on Megascan assets to see how they use decals to add detail.

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I’ve already tried that method and importing the height map and it was completely off, unfortunately.
I will def look into megascans, thanks for the tip!