Help with modeling cable

Hello guys,
I model a cable and i need the start and end to be a straight. How to do it right now do i need to extrude saparately or is possible to do it from the bezier cirlce?
I made the cable from bezier circle.
Thank you.

suppose you’d have to apply the Screw modifier you got on it, and then extrude from the end, otherwise any extrusion will also turn twirly.

See attached file Cable.blend (413.4 KB)

From left to right.

  1. Screw modifier used with single vertex for the twirl bit
  2. Screw modifier applied and end manually extended
  3. Mesh converted to curve
  4. Curve given thickness by increasing depth and resolution (in the curve tab)
    5.(optional) Lattice added to mesh for easier control (note: lattice is hidden in render so no need to hide it)
  5. Example result, Subdivision surface modifier lvl1 added to increase smoothness.

There are a lot of ways to do it, if i was doing this for my own project with lots of curves i would use hooks instead of a lattice for control.