Help with modeling Controller

please i need advice.
I’m trying to model a Controller.
I’m stuck here and I don’t know what to do next.
What is the “most ideal” way to proceed? Cylinder to where the buttons are and then connect it from the bottom?
Thanks to everyone for the advice.

You can start with a very basic box modeling approach. Once you complete the base model you can think of better ways to retopologize.

2020-07-03 13_47_57-Blender

ps_controller.blend (668.6 KB)

A controller is not as easy as it seems but i could be wrong never made it. On the first sign its seems that the controller is symmetrical except the buttons. Use a mirror modifier and model one half in as much detail as possible before adding the buttons.

The try you made already has too many verts to control them easily. Us as little as possible to begin and see from time to time how it look with a subsurf. The great benefit of this is that the reflections are way better in the end.

At the stage of your problem you could as a cylinder and first block in your controller and later shrinkwrap another mesh to it… What is a bit confusion (never had a controller) that in top view the cylinder shape is clearly visible but it side view is nothing to see from it…

I agree with schamph…looks easy but has a lot of tricky modeling to do. For me, I’d start with a circle/cylinder and start identifying faces that I could extrude for blocking out. Smart thing to do there before really getting into details.

Gave it a quick try but think you need better references than a line drawing. Hope this helps.

controller_test.blend (702.4 KB)

I’ve answered a similar question here, maybe it will give you some ideas