Help with modeling hair

Hello, I am working on modeling my gorgeous wife’s head in blender and I just finished modeling a bald scalp. I would like to model her hair, but I don’t want to use particles because I am dreaming about one day turning this into a game and would like to make this model small, where possible. Does anyone know of a good way to model hair without using particles? Or do I really need to worry about the added size using particles would entail? I’m thinking I might want to extrude some edges down somewhere on the scalp, but I don’t know. Hopefully, the collective genius and experience of the Blender community could help me find the best way to model her hair.

The reference pictures may be found at and My .blend file may be found at

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Have you thought about using GIMP or other program to texture her hair then put it on the model. This would keep the poly down game model.

Hair is the most obnoxious thing to do in 3D (even moreso than water or clothing, etc…)

Try these:
Yet Another CG Girl (Hair Tutorial) by NateTG (get the actual tutorial here ZIP 96K).
Creating Polygon Hair by Elmar Moelzer at NewTek
Guide to… Hair Creation at Ordix Interactive

There is also “card hair” techniques. If you use google you’ll get all you need for that.

Good luck.

I saw way back on the Orange blog a method of hair that used curves set to Orco coordinates, it’s probably still there, look in one of the earlier development entries for the old Elephants dream site if it’s still there.