Help with Modeling

Hello everyone. I am currently in the process of making a 2-D fighting game for PC and possibly xbox arcade. I have the programming down the story and the characters as well the only thing missing is the models. I was wondering if anyone can teach me and two other friends how to model. Willing to pay or Maybe you can do it cause you would like to help. If this game goes big your name will be put in and credit will be given.

I could help. Send me an email on [email protected] with the details and maybe examples of what you want. And if you want to learn, you should try out blendercookie, although it will take you a few months to make decent models for your games.

I would suggest looking at some tutorials for modelling, there’s plenty on both Blender Cookie and Blender Guru, to list just a sample of the many tutorial websites. There’s no point paying some one to teach you unless you really have to, especially when there’s free resources out there.

3D art is sort of like cooking, at first, you start of following the recipe, it may be laborious, and it may not always work out how you wanted. As you get better, however, you can start to make your own creations using the techniques you learnt from the recipes.

i can set up up with mountains of resources to learn (videos, books and one2one training) i don’t mind giving them to you. send me a pm if your interested