Help with modelling a building along curve

so I have this render based of a real life project called Aykon city

So in theory, what I would want to happen is that I have my mesh following this curve that stays on the y-axis as that’s how it looks like the real model has it.

But in practice the first problem I had with my testing is that the mesh gets twisted is z-axis, making the building floors not following the horizon.

Now I could manually move aound the segments making the building follow the curve as close as possible. But hen comes my second problem, which is that I can’t make a simple deform twist with the curve as the origin.

Here’s a image of the building I’m refering to and the problems I’ve had. (as I can atm only upload 1 image per thread)
Make sure to click the image to see the full size

So what I’m really asking if this is the right way but the wrong execution, or if there’s a different way I should approach this?

Any tips and suggestions are welcome

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the blend file for your solution. Let me know if it solves the problem.
Demo.blend (677.6 KB)

Thanks for your reply.
Well without the curve, it doesn’t quite get that ramp effect
it also doesn’t keep the edges wihin the y-axis

For the ramp you can apply stretch modifier on building and use limits to only apply ramp on bottom part of the building.

I think I managed to do the model as I was hoping although my solution was definietly not as graceful as your solution might have been

Thanks either way man, have a nice one :slight_smile:

Nice. How Did you model it? I would like to know your method too. Please share blend file if possible.

Hi there Gustav

Could you not try to create the shape at the top and bottom using the same amount of points/vertices and then bridge them and use twist to match up the points accordingly. Then possibly add edge loops and manipulate the shape as it goes down to the bottom? Just a thought…

I made the curve into a mesh, having the segments match the once on the 90 degree twisting mesh. Then I just moved and snapped each segment of the twisting mesh to the curve. This made it possible to have this 90 degree turning mesh stay locked to the straight wall. Atleast from what I’ve been able to gather from the renders available, is how I think they’ve done it