help with modelling techniques

can u guys tell me which modelling technique is suited for both hi and low poly modelling? i want to learn video game designing and cg animattion so i want to practice a specific tecnique… edge loops didn’t work for me :frowning:

There are really only a few of methods of modelling.

  1. Extruding surfaces
  2. Box modelling
  3. Most commonly a combination of the above two

edge loops didn’t work for me

Edge loops/face loops aren’t a modelling method but rather a way of arranging your faces such that a natural looking animation of your character can be achieved using armatures and/or vertex keys. Granted, many modelling tools are designed such that they either ease the creation of face loops or perserve them during the tools use. If you want to get anywhere in cg animation you really have to understand face loops.

I would suggest 2 excellent tutorials. First I would do the joan of arc tutorial (primarily face extrusion) which can be easily found by googling. Then I would attempt Tony Jung’s character modelling tutorial (starts with primarily box modelling) found here:

If you are pretty new to 3d modelling it will probably take you a couple of weeks worth of work to go through both tutorials properly.


thanks 4 the tips. i’m not actually new with 3d models but fairly new with human modelling. thanks again.

Why do you need Hi and Low Polygon Models?
If you want Normal Maps, then that’s a good reason %|

I have some more thoughts on this, but I would like to hear exactly what you want to do with the models 8)