Help with modifiers

I posted this on the blander site, but no response, so i thought i’d try here…

ok… I recently followed a tutorial on engraving some text on a surface…

1… Place a simple cube
2… add a text object
3… convert text object to a mesh
4… modify the cube witht the text object using

Boolean -> difference -> Ob:Font (APPLY)

Is this is bugged? or am i being a noob

1 … the cube is reduced to a plane (the text is engraved though)
2 … blender somtimes locks and wont let me do anything further after this operation

here is another i tried with a sphere, i git the same sort of results as the cube…

Before modifier

After modifier

HELP … what am i doing wrong ??

why don’t you just retopo the number to the surface?

I never had much success with the boolean modifier myself. What I did was Convert the font to a mesh. Alt+C, then select the sphere, then the font, and hit W and go to difference. If that doesn’t work completely select the font first then the sphere. Chances are it won’t work so you might be stuck doing it by hand… booleans are very difficult and never give me a good result. Good luck!

i dont understand ? - im pretty new to blender and 3d

Retopo is a more advance type of 3D modeling where you add a plane and just extrude it around the original mesh. So basically you could make a “shell” of the font and sphere with another mesh. But that was it harder and probably won’t give you a great result at your stage. Here is a wiki article on it.

ahhhh ok… thanks guys