Help with movement

how do i make so the character goes where The camera is pointing in blender. Like so i can turn around the character get a view and then when i walk it walks where The camera is pointing. For example dark souls

Better look in game engine topic… try to move your post over there.
You could do that with NLA and constraints but… I ll need a long long long long post to explain.

Search in this topic for ‘third person camera’.
You may find something useful.

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It is possible with only logic bricks, though some of these coders would probably cringe at my way of doing it (btw I am learning how to code currently :slight_smile: )

This system takes 2 cubes, an empty, the character you control, and a camera

  1. I start with a very small (as in nearly invisible) cube(1) in the center of the character that is parented to the character.
  2. Next I take a cube(2) and vertex parent it to that small cube(1).
  3. The empty is then placed in front of the character and parented to the cube(2)
  4. Then parent the camera to cube(2)
    Open up the logic now
  5. The cube(2) should be set with:
    mouse movement ------> and -------> mouse look (but only on the x-axis)
  6. The character should be set with:
    keyboard W ---------> and ---------> track to the empty

Thats about it, as far as I know, I messed around with it earlier

good luck,

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Thank you so much everyone for the help i really appreciate it. :smiley:

If you found a solution it would be good to mark that you solved your issue so people don’t keep coming here to give ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck, I can’t wait to see any games you are working on

thank you :smiley:

I just threw it into upbge 0.3 added a Suzana Head, Worked great out of the box.
Only thing was the camera gradual moved up. Im till learning to read code and work with 3D space. But this is great to study with thanks!!

download the normal blender version copy the top 5 lines or so from the camera function, should stop drifting of the camera.

You mean Upbge 0.2.5?

for upbge 3.0 download upbge version and change line 27 to 31 into

        x = (int(render.getWindowWidth()/2)/render.getWindowWidth())-logic.mouse.position[0]
        y = (int(render.getWindowHeight()/2)/render.getWindowHeight())-logic.mouse.position[1]