Help with my file size!!!

Can anybody recomend a way for the trees from Arbaro to turn out a smaller size?

I have a building that I am doing for a customer that requires trees in the landscape, but my file went from about 5mb to 120mb and I’m not done yet!!

I have also tried setting up 2 planes and using a simple tree image file, but I only get the picture of the tree on the planes. It never shrinks the plane down to the picture size, or is this possible?

Anyway can anybody help or offer suggestions out there?

You’d have to size them down yourself, but you can automatically change the height-width ratio of the plane to that of the applied texture using this method:

  1. Do not only apply the texture as a uv-map, but as a normal texture too.
  2. Go into object mode with the plane selected.
  3. Press Alt+V.

If you are going to make lots of planes, you could import in a separate scene about 10 different trees which differ in size and colour, one at a time, with the same lighting as in your normal scene. Render them separately out. Then use the rendered images as textures on randomly scattered planes across the terrain. You could put some “real” imported trees in the foreground to make the forest look less 2d.

I don’t know Arbaro, but wouldn’t there happen to be some function to reduce detail?

When you import the arbaro trees make sure you remove doubles in all the trees, including the leaves. That’s probably the only way to shrink the arbaro trees.

I did finally get things to work using planes and the alpha setting.

But they don’t look anywhere near as good as the arbaro trees. Just kills my file once I start appending them.
I removed all doubles, that did help some but my 120mb file is still 115mb.

Are you using one mesh linked to many objects, or does each tree object have its own unique mesh?


I’m not sure I follow what you are saying.

Arbaro trees are huge, period.

You cannot make them smaller without badly sacrificing quality, otherwise they would not have been that big in beginning!

The best way to go is (IMHO) to make your landscape, with land and all trees behind your architectural work first, then use0 the image as a backdrop for the architectural suff