Help with my iceberg please :)

I’m trying to create a photo realistic iceberg image, but its not exactly working. I got close to it (in my mind), but it needs a lot more.

If you could give me some ideas, or point me in the right direction on how to make it beter that would be great!

I’m also really haveing a hard time with the SSS.


Also, the spot light in one of the images is my poor atempt at a Sun.


Penguins.blend (612 KB)

Going off any reference images? That’s mainly a must when your doing photo realism type. Just going off what you know can sometimes mess you up. SSS is a nice tool but is it really needed for an iceberg? I suggest myself going around with the sculpt tool to get the basic look of it first for some nice jagged edges and such. Maybe adding a blend surface of it. My .02 cents.

well i have a few images I’m working with, Mainly right now i’m just trying to get to the water, sky, and iceberg textures right :slight_smile:

and the SSS, icebergs are white, but at the densest part they are blue colored, and somewhat translucent in the sunlight at the thiner parts.

i thought SSS would work well for that, but at this point I’m not sure…


beginning to look nice
may be add some walrus or penguin see gull ect…

ususally there are different ice/ snow spec for different part of the iceberg

and shape varies also all over from dented to flowng water melting ect…

but it’s up to you to select and apply texturing

you can also find some good procedural texture at the blender mat repostori
or pic at the Cgtexture site to help you for the different part of the iceberg

1 - how long does it take to render this scene?

2 - how did you do the floating ball ?

keep up the good work

happy blenering

well i think i’m going to have penguins, birds, whales, and a ship, once i get the these textures done.

takes about 2 min rendering without shadows, and 10 min with, at HD resolution, and the ball is just a static shere.

ok that’s a big render
i’l try to remove the shadows

now your using pic here have you tough of using some procedural textures instead?

there are some at repository for snow and ice
that might render faster may be!

i also have some text for ice on a glass
need to find it and show what can be done witht this !

can you explain some more about the problem with SSS

happy blendering

i replace one of the pic with ice from repostiory
see pi

what do you think?

now can you wxplain if possible what the nodes are doing ?

i 'll try to dinf better sea with waves later


theres a great blender iceberg animation/scene. may be an inspiration.

here is a render with 2 icebers

this is with mat from repository

what size are they in width height ?
and size of the waves?


well i can’t tell you a whole lot, I got the water texture from here…

and this is a link to the image that gave me the idea for this project…

thanks again :slight_smile:

those ice bergs are not the ones i’m going to have in my final render, they are just a test for the textures, so the size is whatever you think they are

and the ice is looking verry nice

in the last pic shown
you seems to have transparent water
which is not in your first file example

so if you watn to see some underwater ice you’ll ahve to fie it some transp

and may be add another plane with dark texture may be under the actual ice
so that you don’t see too far under water
so that way you can see some iceberg underwater

now i found another texture for transprent ice
that may be good for smaller pieces of ice in water

let me know what you think

see pic


oh ya, i like that other texture for some small pieces.

all i just need now is one more texture, with some snow, but have a deep blue color and be tranclucent.
kinda like this one…
thanks for all the help!

and i did have a black plane on the bottom, but when i used the sky sphere, i got rid of it, do i still need it? or is there a way to have like a fog like particle halo, under the water insted? becouse in my final render i want to have a whale coming up in the water, but i want the body to fade away in the depth, you know what i mean?

i treid to add some zTrasp to you water
but it’s not easy and loose some of the texture i think see pic

tell me what yout hink


Could we have a blend file to test a bit?

here is teh altest file with minimum cause it was too big
so i had to remove some icebergs to shrink it sorry

but the new mat for ice is there

but still problem with transp ice to see iceburg under water with nodes mat
and still see the waves on sea

see file

render time is long about 5 minutes for 1000 x 800
so i set it to 25 % size i think to get faster render

happy blendering

hope this file can upload right

i got all the icberg in thsi file

i adjsuted teh alpha on the sea water object and seemst o see some of underwater ice too
but how should ice look underwater ?

and how was that shper set up

i mean it does look like an object i cannot select i t
so what is it and how is it done ?

in the2 last pic i change the lighting set up to give more constrast to the texture
and last pic is with iceberg more withe with emit ~ 0.4

let me know what you think !

happy blendering

You use the ztransp for the sea material.
You don’t have the refraction this way.
You have to keep the aplah down and uncheck the ztransp.
Then, activate the raytransp button.
Because you have many transparencies and mirrors surfaces, you have to increase the depth for all your material, like 8 maybe.

The bad news is that you’ll increase the render time :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck…

ya, that looks good.

also i ajusted one of the ice texures, it needs a little work, but i think it will make for a good third ice texture.
with shadows… not as good…

also i don’t know much how to use the mist, how do you get it lower to the water, and more in the distance?

also i have other renders, and the .blend here…

thanks agian!

i also like this look too…
all you need for the aqua green at the water line is a colored light right?

well for colored ligth around
go wtih yafaray radiosity and you’ll get it for a day scene

that will give you the effect of radiosity on ice

can you explain how you did the sphere i cannot select it ?


ok, but with the new blender, i can’t get yafaray export working. also luxrender and aquis are not working eather. only pixi works now… hmmmm…
^ thats the blend for that sphere…