Help with my Keyframes

Hello Blender community. Iv’e recently been told about a way of duplicating my key frames which worked so i thank the helper very much. Unfortunately, after i duplicated my keyframes, which, all together there were 7 (which did a complete camera loop), i ran my animation but only the 7 original keyframes that i made myself actually “animated”. The other 1000 or so did nothing. Please see my pictures as they show the key frames. Any help as to why they are not working will be much appreciated. Thanks.

If you don’t provide a blend file, could you please post a screenshot of the F-Curve window (Shift+F6 by default)? Zoom the window so we can see the working and also the not working part. Does the problem start right at frame 8 or later?

Instead of duplicating, possibly an option would have been adding a cyclic modifier.

Um, the problem starts at 1201, which is the frame that the camera pan is complete. Nothing happens after this frame. Here is the pictures. I hope there what you need.


[SOLVED] Please don’t worry I’ve fixed it. Thanks anyway