help with my movement

hi i have just got some one on here to half fix my script but its still screwed up like i want it so where you aim at it walks so i could aim left and right and just hold w and it will walk in that direction and a and d will strafe and s back wards and space jump but that’s fine
its an fps

please help!!!


game project.blend (145 KB)

i see what you mean… lol
ill see if i cant fix it ok

hi ben_9987,

MouseLook: You have the motion actuator “LookLeftRight” attached to the camera.

If you want to move forward in direction the camera is looking, remove “LookLeftRight” from the camera and add it to your PlayerBox. That way, both the Camera and the PlayerBox will rotate together.

Also, you have the Camera looking in the +Y PlayerBox direction but the PlayerBox moves forward in the -X PlayerBox direction. You’ll need to either rotate the Camera so it looks in the -X direction or change your Movement Script so it moves forward in the +Y direction.


once again clark u saved the day