Help with my TANK Track and DUPLIFACES

Lately I have been trying to make a Tank track.
I have been following many video tutorials on youtube about the tank track, but when i applied dupliverts or duplifaces, the orientation acts weird!!!

Please download the TankTrack.blend file to inspect

Here are the steps I did

  1. I created a Curve “Bezier Circle”
  2. I Added a plane
  3. I Create 10’s of cuts into the plane
  4. Parent the plane onto Bezier Circle
  5. Create a track metal
  6. Parent it to the Plane
  7. Set “Duplifaces” on to the Plane.

I believe I followed thoroughly.
I would appreciate your help!!! :frowning:

Thanks a bunch


Tank Trank.blend (132 KB)

You could try this:

Make sure that all your objects’ centres are at the centre of the CurveCircle (Select CCirc; Shift+S to snap cursor to selection. Then select each object in turn, and. in Editing (F9)->Mesh Tools, click on Center Cursor. This will shift objects centers to the cursor.)

Apply Scale/rotation to all objects: Click on Object->Clear/Apply->apply Scale/rotation (or W->Apply Scale & rotation). Not sure if this is needed for the Cube.

Lastly, in the Curvecircle Editing tab, click on curvestretch. This ensures that the Plane is stretched to fit the curve (gap otherwise.)

Hope this helps.

Good luck and welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

Hey MakR

Thank you so much for the reply.

The CurveStretch really help me solve the stretching problem along the curve.

But I still ecounter some problem. The cubes on the edges are becoming like a diamond shape while the center still looks good as a cube.

Do you have any idea what happen to what I did?

I attached my updated .blend file below.


Weird Diamond Tank Track shape.blend (130 KB)

Well, you seem to have ignored my advice to Apply Scale ($ Rotation) to the objects. So what’s happening is that - I think - the “child” objects are getting scaled, according to the proportion to the “parent” (the curve). If you select an object and press N, you should be able to see the actual scale of the object.

Suggest that you select each object in turn and press Ctl+A=>(apply object) Scale and rotation. What this does is make the object scale 1, while preserving the size. And all objects will be proportioned 1:1 (scale, not Real Dimensions).

Hope this helps.
Also that someone with more knowledge clarifies better :wink:

That is just what i need.
You are great Makr.

So, how can I animate this track Makr?
It is useless if I can not animate the track.

Please help me out again or perhaps you could give me a reference to a website or something.
I really appreciate your time and help :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Issue 19 of the blenderatists magazine has a article on making and rigging of tracks. Very complicated (at least to read).

Can be found here :

Hi Touchwood!!!
Thank you for your reply.
I like BlenderArt magazine. It really gives me full of insight.
And it is FREE!!! hahahaha

At last I can animate my Tank Track. Yayyyy :stuck_out_tongue:

How Cool is that!!!
Now i can make Wall-E ckckckckckckckckck