help with new project

whazzaaa #1 blender forum,

i’m currently looking for a human male body mesh(rigged would be awesome), can’t find any good ones on the allmighty and all (not)knowing interwebz…
so, if you have a kind soul or whatever, can someone plz help me in finding one? would like having it in my new project involving a complete armor set.
think i’ll call it rayment of judgement

thnx again guys

Take a look at make human and for a lowpoly male.

You can also look for the mancandy FAQ for a rig character. It is not a realistic male but still is a free rig.

thnx musk 4 the link, very usefull, already started work on the armor, first piece will be the shoulder plate, here’s a demo


It looks good - can’t wait for the finished product.