Help with newsprint filter in Gimp

I need help in getting this sort of edge for an image in gimp. I have followed a tut on the gimp which involes using the newsprint filter but i just can’t make it work. IBelow is the reference image:

I wll need a bit of detail please if anyone wants to help.


Post a link to the tutorial, please.

Sorry about that. The link is


Well, the tutorial is quite simple…I don’t know what to add

So, open your background image or make a new one
Put a white layer as first layer or below the visibe ones
In your background image layer drag a rectangular selection as in the tutorial
Press the Quick Mask button
Choose Filters/Distorsion/Newsprinter…here, you must do some tries with the size of the ROUND DOTS and the angle (45%???)
Apply the filter
Now the red area border must be filled with little dots??!!
If yes press the Quick Mask button again and you’ll obtain a doted selection
Invert the selection and do Edit/Clear to make the underlying white layer visible

I guess that in the tutorial he repeats the action in the oposite direction???

did you use gausian blur before type? cca 10-15? fireworks come with a plugin for such ditties :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that the tutorial is so simple is what makes me really angry that it is not working for me. I followed your instruction religeously but it still didn’t work. I got to the point where i press the quick mask button. But when i apply the newsprint filter , nothing happens. The red area border is not filled with little dots as expected. I messed about with diffrent values for the angle and the dot size without success.

rectangleselect -> quickmask -> gausianblur 10-15 -> newsprint -> whateveryouwanttodowithyourselectionafterwards

dont know, i’ve had it here in gimp125 in 40seconds … not that it would make it to the print :P, but it showed as expected

thanks a lot :smiley: the gausianblur was the missing bit in the jigsaw thanks OTO and Tedi. BTW i did my in 39.99 secs :stuck_out_tongue: .

Tedi is there a particular reason why you are still using gimp 1.25 and not the latest?

yup, there is. I have the latest and gratest and mostest … versions on another machine, while I keep this one with the latest and greates and mostest … version of previous version (2.02 is newest and 1.25 is the last of previous)

just in case, prev. versions as with flash etc can be useful in certain cases.

and of course, nostalgy :stuck_out_tongue:

oops, just noticed - you were faster than me!
I believe girls prefer fellows who last longer :stuck_out_tongue: