Help with NLA Editor/Actions/Ipos

Here’s my problem: I animated a character rig (Mancandy to be exact) and then applied a time ipo to help adjust the action I wanted. This worked fine, but now when I want to convert the action into an NLA strip, the time ipo is suddenly ignored and no longer effects the action. I clicked the button to include ipos in an action, which I assumed should do the trick, but it doesn’t. In fact, as soon as I click the button to include ipos in an action(but BEFORE turning the action into an NLA strip) the time ipo suddenly stops working.

What am I missing, and is there a way to keep the effects of the time ipo on the action while converting it to an NLA strip, or am I going to have to go back and edit each key for each individual bone separately?

thanks for your help.