Help with node set up for my current progect

Hi, I’m having problems setting up the materials and textures of my model.
I’m trying to make a material with a diffuse, a normal map, emission or emission map and a glossy finish.
On top of that the back fins have an opacity map.
But as you can see I’m having problems with the set up. The normals are not properly applied, the model is not glossy the emission is wrong too.

Can you help me?

download latest 2.8 build. There emission is part of the principipled BSDF.
There is no need to mix Pricipled BSDF with the glossy shader. Just point your roughness map you created with diffuse texture to the roughness input.
You don’t need to mix principled BSDF with anything at all it can go straight to the material output.
Make sure you change all of your textures that doesn’t contain colors (Normal map in this case) to the Non-Color Data

Ok, like this?

But now the mesh becomes visible.
To change the normal to non color data, should I use the Normal map node or the RGB to BW node? or how should I do it?

Thank you for answering me so fast.

like this.
it should fix your problem with the visible mesh

Also I’ve noticed you have specular set to 0 wich won’t give you that glossy effect you wanted. However it’s not BPR so if it loooks like that better then it can stay this way.

Hmm, I’m still having the same problem. If I use the normal map node even the seams become visible.

Sorry if I’m failing at basic stuff, I don’t have much experience with the new BSDF material.

You still need that normal map node i think.
If it doesn’t help maybe the problem is with the geometry or the normal map texture itself. Did you have this problem before?
You could try to add subdivision surface modifier just to check it the problem is with the geomtery or with the normal map.
If the normal map texture has similar lines like those then its definitly the texture

I reloaded the texture and now seems to be working properly, the texture was fine.

Where and how should I connect the opacity map of the fins?

Any light/render/BSDF tips for making it look as similar as possible to the concept art?

Bumping up the specular makes the seams visible for some reason.

Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.

Maybe not in this case, I didn’t study it. But there are at least three reasons to mix principled with glossy:

  1. Clearcoat with roughness texture. This is currently broken and has been for a long time (going from 0.0177 to 0.0178 causes an abrupt change from sharp to rougher). I hope this will get fixed.
  2. Clearcoat isn’t energy conserving (it’s added), so the purists among us may want to use a proper fresnel function to blend it it. Personally I don’t think this is very important though.
  3. Getting a secondary specular lobe like a haze layer or secondary aniso. This is important to me, although I usually set it up manually, with roughness often being so low I don’t care about correcting fresnel.

Basically, the principled is good for like 90% of everything you’ll need. Not 100% like some seem to think. No matter how uber an uber-shader is (I hate that term), there’s always going to be cases it can’t cover; some bound in real problems we can solve, some bound in real problem we can’t solve, and some bound in NPR approaches. Principled is not God.