Help with normal map bake

I did the anvil tutorial by Blender Guru to get some experience baking normals.

The rectangular recess at the back of the anvil is showing some errors. I’m aware recesses or extrusions can cause this but don’t know how to fix it. I’ve raised the Bake Ray Distance up to over 2.0 but still some kind of error.

Can anyone give me some advice?

(Screengrabs show normal settings in Blender and model in Unity)

have you tried decreasing the distance? What I can see is the ray hitting the other face of the anvil

To fix it try a cage bake like so:

Yes, I’ve tried lower values. I think anything between 0.0 and 0.5 gave me large mustard and green patches in the flat sides. Any value higher still had some of the trouble that you’re seeing around the the recess.

Thanks for the video. I haven’t used the cage but I’ll try it.

I use a shrinkwrap modifier and a little weight painting on a control vertex group to keep it above the target mesh, it helps avoid those annoying green artifacts of the mesh dipping inside of source.

Ooh. Nice. GREAT video and a good result.

The low poly mesh could be a lot better around the smaller hole but I love the resulting normal using a cage mesh plus a little extrusion value. Thanks!

(settings in Blender and new model with new normal in Unity)

Nice technique. Will try this when I’ve got a few bakes under my belt.