Help! With normals or face normals or I don't know.

Alright. I’ve modeled half the body. Now I duplicate it and scale it -1 in x-axis. So I get a the opposite half.

The mesh is a sculpt so mirror doesn’t work here when I normal bake the object.
This method I use will bake the map BUT the other half will be “reverse” normal map.

No matter how much I try with the normals the bake will always have negative normal map.
Except if I reverse the other half of the lowpoly mesh. Then i will render the normal map correctly, 90% anyways. Not everything I made was mirror able. So I know it’s a ‘normals’ problem.

Now. How do I make the normals “normal” or the mirrored multires mesh to a normal normal.

Maybe if I showed a screen of the problem.


It shouldn’t happen AFAIK. Did you join the two halves and recalculate normals? Is your mesh non-manifold? You can check which way the normals are pointing by displaying them from the edit buttons.

If worse comes to worse, you could separate the materials for each half and add an invert filter on the duplicated half.

Hope this helps.

I tried them all.
The problem is on the highpoly multires mesh and not the lowpoly. The highpoly multires is made of several pieces.

I think that the multires normals can’t be changed. So there is only one way to this I think. Make the copy highest level and delete lower level. And then I can flip the normals.

Still I find that so extreme. That means 3.5 million polys will showed.

I had this same problem. Turned out the problem was that the high poly mesh also had the normal map image texture applied to it and somehow that made it reverse the normals for some of hte mesh. Remove the texture channel from the high poly mesh and then rebake.

If that doens’t apply to you, I have no further ideas.

plus. when applying the map, make sure that the materials settings are correct! look for duplicated UV textures and other weirdness