Help with normals please

Hi,i need help with normal map.
When i bake any object the normal are visible in some parts like this:

But i want that it visible in all parts. Are this possible?
Kind regards.

This should be possible of course; unfortunately it is hard to tell what is the error preventing you from reaching the goal.
Except that normalmap is visible on blue circled objects too and that 3 birdie marked planes (?) are similar there is nothing more to tell.


Here:Poly.blend (831 KB)


Technically it’s a bump not normalmap. You could use some software to get derived from this image normalmap but results may vary.
As here you are better off using Bump mapping Best Quality method on texture tab.
I did change unwrap on Dodecaedron to get maximum pixels/face and also cleaned out blend from traces of previously used image files.
Lighting also is changed.