Help with normals

I think the problem is normals, :confused: maybe someone can help me.

I am currently working on a series of objects, and wanted to build a plane of a specific shape first, then extrude the edges to make it 3d.

I add a plane, then delete one of the vertices (so that I have a line), then follow the shape which I would like to copy. I then make faces on the object by adding, and joining vertices. As far as I can see, the faces are pretty even.

When I render the object as a plane, it is perfectly flat, but when I extrude the edges, I start to have black patches, and when rendered, the object looks like I have applied a subsurf to it, the surface is no longer flat when rendered.

I went back into edit mode, and snapped all the vertices to the axis, so that it was completely flat, still no luck, I’ve highlighted all the vertices, and recalculated the normals both inside and outside, checked that they were all pointing in the same direction, still rendering an ugly mess! :frowning:

I have no screenshots, but can provide them if my description doesn’t suffice…

Help?:smiley: (and thanks in advance to anyone who can!)

edit: (just tried ctrl-A, and that doesn’t work either)

edit: FOUND THE ANSWER!!! I found a button called “set solid” in the edit menu, and that works, not sure what exactly it does, but hope my ramblings will help someone anyway.

Hehe, Set Solid undoes Set Smooth - you must have hit that by mistake. Note that you can set smooth on the whole object in object mode, or you can set smooth on individual faces in edit mode. It’s a handy thing.

Thanks for replying, but I swear I didn’t hit set smooth (unless I have acidentally set it as a default option :/)… I tried several times with different objects and got the same problem.